One month in – time to take stock for 2018

Now that we are well and truly into 2018 – it’s time to take a look at our new year’s resolutions for Global Mobility – those aspirational ideas and projects for the year ahead.  Granted, some may have remained on the agenda from the last year, but the arrival of a new year always inspires us to tackle those challenges and to look for improvements within our GM programme.

An (extremely) loose straw poll resulted in the following suggested resolutions for GM Managers for the year ahead (all in no particular order):

Free up time for the critical projects

Everyone involved in moving employees around the world knows that it is an extremely time consuming business.  The daily management can take up an inordinate amount of time, whilst those value-added (or even critical) projects remain on the periphery of your working day.  From streamlining practices to outsourcing processes any welcome reduction in the daily grind may offer some opportunity to manage these important projects.

Prepare for the next set of compliance challenges

Preparation is key.  It is so easy to bury our heads in the hope that our processes or policies won’t be affected by the next compliance issue – laying us open to untold risk.  For example, in May 2018 the GDPR will come into effect and HR and IT teams within the EU are planning for the new regulations.  As a comparatively small population, the distinct needs of the expatriate community are often overlooked –  GM Managers need to be part of the planning team.

Re-engage with my specialists

No Global Mobility manager or team does this on their own.  So many elements of the assignment life cycle are managed by internal or external specialists, from the compliance management through to providing cultural advice (to name just two).  Often relationships (and contracts) meander through the years, so this resolution could be to review your “top 5” engagements.  Take time to re-connect with the team; to review the scope of services and build those all important relationships – which help to manage (the inevitable) issues as they arise in 2018.

Visit my key locations

Let’s face it, a world tour would be nice, but failing that it would be so beneficial to have an opportunity to get out to the main host locations.  To be able to meet Assignees, meet business and HR stakeholders, see the living conditions and try and get a better understanding of the challenges and the benefits of living and working in that country.  So much can be done remotely – but the “payback” from face-to-face discussions and the opportunity to build relationships cannot be underestimated.

Let’s hope that this time next year we can revisit our resolutions and look back with some satisfaction on a job well done!  Whatever your key resolutions (or whatever the business challenges may bring you) we hope that 2018 is your year to shine in Global Mobility.

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