HS Consulting Services Ltd
Advising Organisations on the movement of their workforce globally

Experience gained in the field means that HS Consulting can assist in all aspects of global mobility – from the development of the strategic approach through to the daily management challenges. Each project undertaken is unique – to fit the specific needs of the organisation – here are some generic examples to provide an overview.

Determining the fundamentals for your programme
Identification of goals and objectives for global mobility and developing corresponding policies and documentation.

Policy reviews
To meet the changing demands of the business and marketplace trends.

Compensation & Benefits
Determining or reviewing the appropriate remuneration methodology for the organisation
– the right reward fit.

Qualitative reviews, keeping organisations in-line with the market, with competitors and with best practice, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Advise drawn from practical experience
Process Audits & Design
Administration for global mobility programmes is labour intensive and time consuming. Audits streamline processes and provide global mobility teams the time to concentrate on their value-added goals.

Bespoke Training
Advising on technology support options and providing implementation assistance for the Company’s chosen global mobility software.

Software Review
Designing and running training programmes for groups, or on a one-to-one basis. Training on all aspects of global mobility –tailored to the organisation, the policy or specific issue.

Meeting the management challenges
Project Management
Managing or participating in critical projects or reviews - independently or as part of the team.

Vendor Management
Global mobility necessitates the use of specialist third-parties. Reviewing their services, costs and applicability to the organisation maximises the value of these relationships.

Interim management & Advice
Global mobility experts are at a premium – HS Consulting can assist in providing interim management and/or ad-hoc advice as required.